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Updated! Nail Household APK 1.0 (Casual Game)

Nail Household APK 1.0

Editor's word: Summon family members to defend their property, Each family member has his or her own form of defensive action. - PAPA opens fire with rifle: Single target high damage - BABA throws Motolov.


Updated! Boom Brigade 2 APK 1.0.6 (Action Game)

Boom Brigade 2 APK 1.0.6

Editor's word: The original line drawing action strategy top down shooter hybrid.

Updated! Gun of Glory APK 1.0.8 (Sports Game)

Gun of Glory APK 1.0.8

Editor's word: Desert,temple, monster, rampage - get the gun, and fight for the glory!Beware of the bloody - it's the way to win the glory!# Unlock battle arenas - desert, gobi, forest and.

Updated! Cyklus APK 1.20 (Action Game)

Cyklus APK 1.20

Editor's word: Download Cyklus, a new and addictive action maze game.In a distant galaxy, three lone spaceships have spun out of control, and they desperately need to get home!Navigate your spaceships.

Updated! DroidStats APK 3.5.3 (Tools App)

DroidStats APK 3.5.3

Editor's word: This apps gives you the ability to control your call minutes, number of sms messages and data traffic. You can set limits for each, track your costs and get much more informations and statistics.

Updated! iRunner APK 1.2.3 (Action Game)

iRunner APK 1.2.3

Editor's word: The best fast paced/tempo running game.

Updated! CJ: Strike Back APK 1.0.9 (Action Game)

CJ: Strike Back APK 1.0.9

Editor's word: Aliens are invading, time to strike back! Fast paced, and super challenging.

Updated! Cheese Tower APK 2.2 (Puzzle Game)

Cheese Tower APK 2.2

Editor's word: Cheese Tower is a very challenging physics-based puzzle game.

Updated! Birdman Rally APK 1.07 (Action Game)

Birdman Rally APK 1.07

Editor's word: Use your imagination to build your own plane and choose the right time to fly as far as you can.Features:* 6 pilots to choose. 6 prow, wings, Tail, Chassis with different property that can.

Updated! Fly Boy APK 1.12 (Racing Game)

Fly Boy APK 1.12

Editor's word: Endless enemies show up from the sky to the earth. as the best fly boy.rule the sky to defend your land.Another excellent game from Feelingtouch Inc.* slide your finger on the screen.